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The Importance of a Roof Inspection.

In South Florida, a well maintained roof is your primary shield of defense against the elements. Mold, wood rot, staining, damage to truss system components, insulation and finishings are all possibilities when a roof is not properly maintained. At Spaulding Home Inspections, we evaluate various aspects of the roofing system and coverings to provide you with an accurate representation of current condition and identify any needed repairs. A large portion of a roof inspection takes place in the attic space. Here, we can look for signs of staining, matted down or settled insulation, previous or active leaking caused by faulty flashings and/or plumbing, degraded sealant material, and other defects. We can then test any accessible suspect areas using an electronic moisture meter to measure the level of moisture in a material when compared with its surroundings.

At Spaulding Home Inspections, we walk the roof whenever it is deemed safe to do so. This decision is based on several factors such as weather, roof condition, or other scenarios where walking on the roof may cause damage. When on the roof, we can determine possible issues through a closer visual examination. On an asphalt and fiberglass composition shingle roof for example, the surface has granules that protect the shingles from UV rays. Over time, these granules will loosen and the edges of the shingles will start to curl. A loose shingle tab may survive a rain storm, however, in a hurricane, tropical storm, or during heavy winds, these loose shingles may be torn off the roof and allow for water to enter. Nail pops are commonly seen on shingle roof coverings, which may lead to the shingle splitting and again, this may allow for moisture intrusion. Metal roofs may show varying levels of corrosion at different sections. The fasteners may loosen or show rust damage. These are just some examples of what may be inspected during a typical home inspection. For more information and to schedule your home inspection, call Spaulding Home Inspections at (772) 882-8103.

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