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What is a Home Inspection and Why Do I Need One?

As a Home Inspector in South Florida, I often receive calls from clients with various questions regarding the inspection process and the real value an inspection may provide. A home inspection can be summarized as a visual assessment of a property and the readily accessible components within. It is a non-invasive, non-destructive process used to discover potential defects or obtain information about a property.

What will be inspected? Some of the things inspected include the roofing structure, exterior cladding, plumbing fixtures, HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, flooring, attic space, truss system, insulation, doors, windows, driveways and walkways, electrical system, and more. There are several scenarios where a home inspection may be warranted. A home inspection may be used to protect a prospective homebuyer as well as give them important information in the negotiation process. As a buyer, a home inspection can potentially save thousands not only by discovering current and past defects, but by providing the knowledge to take action before a minor issue becomes a major repair down the line.

Home inspections are not only for the buyer! A pre-sale home inspection may alert a seller of any problems prior to negotiations so as not to hold up a sale. This allows the seller to correct any found issues beforehand so they are not a surprise when the buyer has an inspection conducted. Often, the seller may end up getting less during negotiations when the buyer has an inspection identify unforeseen defects. The cost of those defects having been found and corrected beforehand by the seller may have been less than if left ignored and found during negotiations.

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