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Extremely thorough inspector. I would recommend Spaulding to anyone who is looking for a home inspection that is done CORRECTLY. I have heard many horror stories about other inspection companies, but Spaulding is about as safe as you can get.
Mike D
I have used Devin Spaulding's Inspection Services multiple times and found him to be extremely thorough and well priced. I highly recommend him for any Home Inspection!
- Rosemary Voigt, Realtor
I have recommended Devin to most of my home buyers and the response is always positive. He is thorough and explains the whole procedure from his roof inspections down to the plumbing. He has a gentle way of explaining his concerns as to not put my Clients into a panic mode.
- Jackie Maggins, Realtor
I was very impressed by the professional work by Spaulding home inspections. I received prompt response to my concerns and a detailed report on the home I wished to purchase. I will use them again in the future. Great customer service.
- Sheryl G.
I was very pleased with our home inspection by Spaulding Home Inspections. The inspector showed up on time and was very professional. Thanks
Christopher Cutolo
Devin was fast, courteous, efficient, and informative throughout the entire process!
Job Well Done!
Kim Cosgrove
Knowledgeable, Thorough, and Extremely well trained in the practice of Residential Home Inspection. FIVE STARS
- Jim B.
My family recently had an inspection done by Devin was very pleased with his work he answered questions they had price was right and would highly recommend him!
- Christopher Snay
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